I need a 12-year old! – OK, that just sounds wrong 2

So, I’m messing with this blog thing. All the stuff I’ve read about blogging talks about how easy it is. I disagree vehemently. Maybe it’s easy if you know what you’re doing, but most things are that way. The dashboard for this thing has more buttons and indicators than my car, and I can barely remember how to turn the lights on. Remember the good old days, when there was a knob? It was easy. Want the lights on? Pull the knob. Want them off? Push the knob in. Now, every time I try to turn the lights on, instead of illumination, I get windshield wipers. I want the wipers on, suddenly I’m driving in the dark. I want to hook something new to my TV to make my life more enjoyable, I’ve got to get my kids or grandkids over to make it work. It’s not like I’m old either. I mean, OK, I’m no spring chicken, but still. And the technology just keeps advancing faster and faster. I remember when my family got our first TV with a remote. It was the “clicker” type, you’d push a lever and it would click and change the channel, or the other lever would change the volume. It was all based on tone. My brother and I had lots of fun tormenting my dad, once we figured out that if you tapped a spoon against a plate just right, you could change the channel. We’d hide in the stairwell when Dad was watching a race or game, and change the channel on him. He would just lose his mind, because you couldn’t just go to the channel you wanted, you had to go through all of them.

I guess now I’m paying the price for that fun, because I can’t seem to make anything work. I’m beginning to think there’s a profitable business in renting out kids to follow technology-impaired adults like me around, turning on lights, making computers work, etc. Any entrepeneurially minded teenagers out there might want to think about that. Of course, teenagers would also do well not to laugh at us too much. At the rate technology is advancing, they’re going to have to hire a whole team of kids by the time they’re my age.

2 thoughts on “I need a 12-year old! – OK, that just sounds wrong

  1. Reply Kate Wysong Feb 14,2014 6:45 pm

    Don’t feel bad dad, half the time I have to get the kids to help me! I also have to send Sharon to Austin when she needs help on her ipad!

  2. Reply Ellen Nov 29,2017 2:09 am

    So funny and so true! I love your description of driving a car, it use to be so dang simple. I totally get what you mean about technology. My heels have been stuck in the 2000’s. I still have a “dumb phone” is what I tell my technology savvy nephews and I don’t text, (Lord have mercy) and I know they think I’m still in the dark ages, meaning in this day and age, a few years ago.

    p.s. I feel for your dad, he’s probably got his own tv in heaven with no worries of anyone changing the channel, ha, ha

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